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 Perks not working

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Perks not working Empty
PostSubject: Perks not working   Perks not working EmptyWed Mar 21, 2012 10:24 am

Just wanted to mention that even if one of our servers has blacklisted (none-perk friendly) maps just wait till the next whitelisted (perk-friendly) map and you can continue lvling up your perk. Just cause a server has some blacklisted maps doesn't mean that you can still lvl up on that server at all just be sure to vote for whitelisted maps.

Tips to make note of:

1. Close game then re-enter the server to fix the lvl 0 perk bug
2. If your perk is stuck and you can't change it try closing game then re-open and play a wave of solo then come back on the server
3. If you are on a whitelisted map and notice your perk still not working be patient and just play a couple more whitelisted maps and perk lvling will resume
4. Just noticed last night when my perks went to lvl 0. Steam had an update so i closed game updated steam and poof perks back to normal, so try updating steam.

Please keep the list of tips coming people :-)
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Perks not working
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